Ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate Companies in the US!
Ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate Companies in the US!
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Hina was our realtor for our first home purchase. From start to finish, Hina went above and beyond to help my husband and I through the process. She was always quick to respond, either via email/text/phone, and provided exceptional service to address any of our questions or concerns. She was extremely knowledgeable and sharp.  Without Hina, we probably wouldn't have gotten our home, which had multiple offers on it. Once our offer was accepted, Hina provided us with a step-by-step guideline of what to expect and complete to get us to closing. We had a 30-day close period, so her guidance kept us on track to close on time.

In addition to her attentiveness to us as the buyers, Hina was also quick to communicate with all other parties involved - seller/lender/title agency, which made the process very smooth for us. A couple days before closing, our lender let us know they couldn't process our funds exactly like what we had agreed with the seller - this is something that could've delayed our closing - but Hina worked her magic and got all parties on the same page so that we could close on time and with the terms we had agreed on originally. We would highly recommend Hina's services to anyone.

Jules and Neil - Tampa, FL

Tim and Lisa sold my next door neighbor's house about 6 months ago.  We saw how quickly they produced a sale so we kept their information on file. When my mother who lives in Tampa Palms was ready to sell her home, I contacted Lisa and we set up an appointment.  Lisa and Tim came in prepared with all the information needed to get her home listed.  We moved forward and Lisa and Tim were able to get us 3 offers in one week's time.  When we met to look at the offers, Lisa had done all the research on the offers and gave us her expertise on how to proceed.  Lisa and Tim are GREAT at communication.  Let me say that again. Lisa and Tim are great at communication!  If you are in business as I am, that is one of the most important assets anyone can have.  They kept me informed and answered any questions I might have had.  My mother and I were so happy we chose Lisa and Tim to work with and I wish all my business dealing were this professional and seamless. 

Howard Imprinting - Tampa Palms

I not only found Kristine Lopez to be a great realtor, but also a listner, problem solver, supporter and even cheerleader.  She actually "knew" what we were looking for, where to look, and helped defuse all the stresses of the home buying process.  She's honest, candid and will work to the bone to find you the right home and the best deal.  She offers tremendous know-how, expertise and loyalty.  She's definitely not "just" a realtor!

Land O' Lakes - Zillow

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